Sunday, September 16, 2012

What's the Latest Word on Canary District Condominiums?

For all you folks who have been asking for updates on the new Canary District Condominiums, we have an update!

Construction on this project is well underway, with cranes scheduled to be erected on-site at the first two market buildings next month.

Plans for the surrounding neighbourhood have been initiated, with road infrastructure work and redevelopment in progress.  Community amenities are on track for completion including the YMCA and George Brown College, to be completed in Spring 2013.

According to Urbanation and Realnet, Canary District's initial release had the highest amount of units sold of downtown Toronto projects launched in June.

The first building is now 50 percent sold, so if you're interested in placing your very own stake in this incredible community, act fast -- contact the Canary District sales office today!

For more of the latest details on the construction progress at Canary District Condos, click here.

Follow the jump for more photos from our recent visit to the Canary District's beautiful sales centre.