Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hints & Tips For Condo Living: Protect Your Belongings

For space-limited condo dwellers, storage lockers offered in the building can be of enormous value. It isn’t uncommon for such spaces to be located in underground garage areas, so it’s not a bad idea to keep in mind that occasional leaks can happen. To protect your belongings, consider the following options:

• Place smaller, compact items into stackable plastic bins to optimize a small space while keeping things tidy and protected not only from water, but also dust and dirt. Clear bins will allow you to see what’s inside each box with ease, such as the SAMLA storage line offered by IKEA.

• Items that are used more frequently can be placed on raised, open shelving units for ease of access. The BRODER shelving system by IKEA is a sturdy, freestanding option for awkward spaces where drilling may not be possible. The product is available in different sizes and configurations, but we generally find that the smallest units, such as the 1-section L-foot,  work best for condo lockers which are typically on the narrow side.  The GORM shelving system is also a customizable, budget-friendly alternative.

• Bulkier items can be placed on small wooden pallets or skids, similar to those used by retail stores and warehouses, which will keep them off the ground in case of leaks.

Special thanks to one of our readers for sharing their experience with us and inspiring this post!