Friday, November 11, 2011

Condo Living...with a Baby?

When one thinks of condo living, a certain image typically comes to mind: a carefree, secure and convenient lifestyle for students, young professionals, or retirees.

For many, the thought of babies and young children is often furthest from the mind.

But why is this?  With so many advantages to condo living, it's mind-boggling that don't hear more about the pros of condo living with a baby.
We recently talked to some new mamas and papas to find out why they've opted for condo living, and what they love about this lifestyle as new parents.
Here are just some of the (often overlooked) benefits:
  • Low maintenance.  Not only is exterior work to windows and common areas such as hallways, walkways, garage and other amenities taken care of for you, but living areas are typically smaller and often one-storey -- that means less housework and more quality time with your little one.
  • Easy diaper disposal.  Convenient garbage chutes and unlimited waste disposal means that you can get rid of smelly packages as often as you need, on your schedule -- not the city's.  As such, you may even eliminate the need for a diaper genie!
  • Effortless travel.  With the luxury of elevators and underground garages, you can go from door-to-door in a snap!  The option of transporting baby via stroller will spare you from the back-breaking pain of having to lug a heavy car seat or carrier, while an indoor garage will save you and your bambino from harsh weather conditions.
  • On-site fitness facilities.  New mamas who are looking to get back into shape post-pregnancy will find that in-house gyms, swimming pools - perhaps even tennis courts, indoor tracks and more - can mean quick and convenient workouts (that is, when they can find a spare block of time!)
  • Convenient on-foot access to neighbourhood amenities.  If you're lucky enough to have direct mall access from your condo - e.g. to Empress Walk from The Pinnacle or to Fairview Mall from Emerald City - you can bring your baby on an errand run or leisurely stroll with ease (and without having to worry about the weather!)  Even without direct mall access, many condos today are situated within walking distance of amenities such as banks, shops and restaurants, eliminating the need to get in and out of a vehicle.
  • Condos have outdoor spaces, too.  While some house-dwellers will harp on the fact that condos aren't conducive to backyard siestas, condos do offer plenty of options for those seeking fresh air.  Apart from private balconies and terraces, many condos offer some type of outdoor space such as roof gardens or outdoor terraces.  In addition, many condo buildings are situated within short walking distance to local parks and public green spaces.
  • Affordable living in the city.  Need we say more?  With the continual climb of real estate prices, condo units are a relatively affordable option in general, and more particularly for those who aren't ready for suburbia.  For parents with offices in the city, this can also mean less commute time and more family time.
Of course, every coin has two sides and we realize that condo living with a baby may have its drawbacks for some.  We just think this is a pretty swell list of pros!  Perhaps these factors will help to tip the scale towards condo living for new parents?