Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Artist Interview: Clare Scott-Taggart

We’ve been very curious about the story behind some of the beautiful art we’ve seen set amongst various condos, many which were commissioned to ensure that our city does not become a plain old concrete jungle.

We took some time recently to sit down with Clare Scott-Taggart, artist and creator of Across the Great Span of Time at Shane Baghai’s St Gabriel development. Located on the north side of Sheppard just east of Bayview, the beautifully crafted sculpture sits gracefully in front of St Gabriel, quietly greeting visitors and passersby.

We visited Clare at her west Toronto studio to learn a little more about her sculpture and what makes her tick as an artist.

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Key Facts


Clare explains that the structure's stylized milkweed pods were inspired by the history of the site, upon which vast spans of fields and farmland once sat. Clare began with the concept of seeds to symbolize a new beginning, the spread of new ideas and longevity. It was important that the structure also addressed the church that sits behind the development, the builder's environmental initiatives as well as the general public.


The entire process took about 1.5 years from design and prototype to the actual build, which included carving, bronze application and final assembly, both in studio and on location.

Clare currently focuses on custom metalwork including custom furniture and outdoor garden pieces. She has also recently explored the incorporation of marble to her metal furniture creations. If you’re interested in Clare’s work or to contact her for more information, please visit her website at

Photo credits:  Clare Scott-Taggart /

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