Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christmas Ornaments: 5 Ways

Ornaments aren’t just for trees! Here are some quick, easy and alternative ways to create festive displays using items you probably already have around your home.

Happy decorating!

You can make an ornamental display by placing a bunch of ornaments in a serving bowl.  The antiqued silver tray here looks great with its sparkly metallic ornaments, but we think that a wooden tray displaying ornaments in more muted tones would be great for a more rustic look.

As you're decorating for Christmas, think about filling several martini glasses with ornaments in varying sizes for a sophisticated centrepiece.  Sticking with ornaments of the same colour will maintain a sense of unity, while glasses of different shapes and sizes will keep the design interesting.  This idea would also work well on a mantle or shelf!

Placing Christmas decorations of the same colour family into baskets would be a great way to incorporate a some festive decor into a more casual room design.

Why not opt for a touch of elegance by placing ornaments and lights in a clear glass vase?  This can make for an elegant centrepiece at your holiday party.  The ones shown here are displayed in a rectangular vase, but glass vases of all shapes and sizes would work just as well.  We love the substance attained with a grouping of vases.

Last but not least, a simple serving platter would be a beautiful and interesting way to display some decorative ornaments.  We love the idea of this on a side table or buffet.