Thursday, December 16, 2010

Could Your Holiday Décor be Hampered by Your Condo’s Bylaws?

When you’re decorating your condo for Christmas this holiday season, keep in mind that many condo boards have strict rules about what is and isn’t permitted.

You should be able to find these rules outlined in your condo’s declaration and bylaws. While these restrictions may seem a pain to abide by, keep in mind that they were created to maintain harmony in the building and keep its residents safe and comfortable.

Some typical rules that could affect your holiday décor might include:
  • No live trees, typically due to fire risks and costs of disposal;
  • No décor on the exterior of front doors and/or in hallways (although we have come across a condo where this is permitted, but only with board approval and within certain dates of the holiday season);
  • No décor that can be seen on the exterior of the building (e.g. in windows and/or balconies).
Be sure to check your condo’s bylaws for specific rules that might apply to you.

Happy decorating!