Thursday, December 30, 2010

What was the #1 Most Popular Condo in 2010?

With only one day left on 2010's calendar and almost 1,300 condos now profiled in the GTA, we began to wonder which of these buildings was the most popular on this past year.

Let's take a look back to see which condos made it into the Top 5 Most Viewed in each of our three stage-of-development categories (or, skip to the jump to view the #1 Most Popular Condo in 2010!)

Top 5 Most Viewed 'Condos Coming Soon' in 2010

These are condo projects that are not yet (but soon-to-be) available for public sale.  Typically, these projects are still in the 'blueprint' stage of development.  While these projects aren't yet open to the public, there are often private VIP or Broker sales held before the project is released (just one of the many reasons it's important to build a good working relationship with your Realtor!)

     1.  Jade Condominiums (North York)
     2.  Edge on Triangle Park (Downtown)
     3.  One Rainsford (The Beaches)
     4.  The Fountains (Thornhill)
     5.  Loft Twenty Five (The Beaches)

Top 5 Most Viewed 'New Condo Projects' in 2010

These are condo projects that have already opened their doors to the public.  These projects vary in their stages of development, ranging from the 'blueprint' stage (the project hasn't broken ground yet), being under construction (the project is being built), or already in occupancy (residents have begun to move in).

     1.  Liv Lofts (North York)
     2.  Park 570 (Mississauga)
     3.  one valhalla (Etobicoke)
     4.  Twenty One Clairtrell (North York)
     5.  The Avanti (North York)

Top 5 Most Viewed 'Completed Condos' in 2010

As the name suggests, these are condo projects that have already been completed and titles registered in the Land Registry.  In the GTA, these buildings can range in age from less than one year to over 30 years old!
     1.  The Bloor Street Neighbourhood (BSN) (Downtown)
     2.  VU (Downtown)
     3.  The Mansions of Humberwood II (Etobicoke)
     4.  Tiffany Place (Etobicoke)
     5.  King's Terrace (Etobicoke)

So, what was the #1 Most Popular Condo under all categories in 2010?  Follow the jump to find out!'s #1 Most Viewed Condo in 2010 was ... LIV Lofts!

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