Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Easy DIY Project: Spruce Up Your Condo Balcony in Time for Spring!

Got the winter blues?  Tired of being cooped up indoors?  Now’s a great time to consider a simple outdoor DIY in anticipation of warmer days ahead.

If you want an easy and effective way to spruce up any condo balcony or terrace – no matter how big or small – then start from the ground up!  Improving your outdoor flooring requires minimal effort yet provides maximum impact.  

These flooring projects don't require any special skills, tools or preparation, making self-installation possible for even the least "handy" of folks.  The best part?  Creating an outdoor oasis isn't limited to condo owners; renters will be happy to know that installation isn't permanent as the tiles can be packed up and moved once the lease is up (money well spent in our books!)


These resin Balcony and Deck Tiles by EON warm up any outdoor space with the classic look of cedar wood, but require no maintenance.  Each tile measures 1' x 1' and won't crack or fade over time.   No preparation is required and the tiles snap together for easy assembly., making installation a breeze.  $29.99 for a package of four, sold exclusively at Canadian Tire.

These Modulette tiles from Designer Deck are available in a wide variety of materials, finishes and colours to suit any taste.  The ones pictured above are made from recycled plastic, though wood varieties are also available.  These 2' x 2' tiles can be installed over irregular surfaces, and can also be cut to fit irregularly-shaped condo balconies and terraces.  Installation is a snap with a "friction fit" (pieces fit together similar to a jigsaw puzzle).

HandyDeck's EzyTile line offers a wide range of granite, slate, sandstone and porcelain tiles to add some unique style to your condo balcony or terrace.  Like the two previous options, these interlocking 1' x 1' tiles simply snap into place without the hassle, frustration or mess of conventional installation methods.  Wooden tiling options are also available and products can be ordered online, starting at $7.80 USD per tile.