Thursday, April 7, 2011

Condo Renovation: Overhaul of a 20-Year Old Space (Bathroom)

In today's final installment to Simon's condo overhaul, we'll have a look at his bathroom renovations.

Simon's original master ensuite included both a bathtub and a shower.  During this renovation, the bathtub was removed and the overall footprint of the bathroom was reduced to allow for the addition of a walk-in closet in the master bedroom.  All work was done by contractors and everything was replaced, including new (waterproof) drywall, new tiles for the floor and shower, potlights were installed and some plumbing was moved.

In the guest bathroom, the updates were a little simpler; just the vanity and toilet were replaced.

Post-Renovation Wrap-Up

Aside from a few minor aesthetic complaints, Simon is extremely happy with the overall update.  As for the work involved, he now realizes that as a renovation first-timer, he took on an ambitious amount of DIY work and would likely allow the contractors to handle some of it if he were to do it over.

Project costs came in at $35,000 (which included $3,000 in contractor fees).  Given Simon's projected budget of $30,000, he did go over budget by $5,000.  This overrun was primarily a result of unforeseen labour in the kitchen as well as some additional hardware and decor items purchased.

While Simon had originally fallen in love with a sub-penthouse suite in the same building, he's ecstatic that he was able to find a similar, much cheaper unit, put in a little TLC to create his dream home and come in at a much lower price than he would've otherwise paid.  After renovations, Simon paid approximately $260 per sq ft for his condo vs the asking price of about $377 per sq ft for the sub-penthouse suite.