Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shopping for a Condo: The Latest Trend

For many, one of the biggest drawbacks to buying a condo 'blueprint' is the inability to really picture what your unit might actually look like, once built.  This is particularly true for new construction first-timers.

3D Condo Explorer now offers a solution to this problem, bringing Virtual Reality Technology (VRT) to the sales offices of new home builders.  The company provides custom‑built, touch‑driven technology to the sales floor, allowing for 3D simulation and exploration of new projects.

Rather than relying on their imagination, potential buyers now have access to a virtual walkthrough showcasing everything from interior finishes, available unit upgrades, or views of units in different seasons and times of the day.  Buyers can also interact with Google for panoramic views of the surrounding area and neighbourhood amenities.

We love this concept!  Could this be the next trend in condo shopping?  It certainly sounds like it'll make purchasing decisions that much easier for new home buyers.

3D Condo Explorer was founded in 2010 by CEO Alexander Neshmonin, who has an extensive 25+ years of IT experience.  Times Group, developer of condo projects such as Uptown Markham and 500 Sherbourne, is the first to use this technology for their new Eden Park II project.

Interested in giving this awesome new technology a test-drive?  Visit the Eden Park II sales office for a demo today!

For more photos taken from the Eden Park II sales centre, please follow the jump.