Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Behind the Public Art at WaterParkCity

An official ceremony took place yesterday to mark the dedication of Vito Acconci's Public Art at WaterParkCity to the City of Toronto. 

Vito Acconci, Designer/Architect at Acconci Studio, was joined by Lanterra's Mark Mandelbaum (Chairman), Barry Fenton (President/CEO) and Toronto Public Art Commission's David Anselmi (Chair), at the event.

WaterParkCity is a completed multi-tower condo community located in Toronto’s historic Fort York neighbourhood, near Coronation Park, Ontario Place and the Waterfront Trail along Lake Ontario.

The Public Art installation, a fence surrounding the perimeter of the community, was commissioned through a juried competition.

Acconci, formerly a poet and performance/installation artist, led the attendees on a walking tour to showcase the installation in which concrete and steel were handcrafted to create a 'fence' that rises, falls and turns into seating, privacy screens and canopies around the building. 

"We want our projects to be multiply useful," Acconci said.  "That way, users can decide what they want to do - they don't need to be told what to do.  This is a new neighbourhood, and we wanted to draw attention to it.  We hoped that by letting the fence go wild, we could allow people to engage with it on their own terms and let something useful become complex and fun."

We certainly have a newfound appreciation for this funky (yet functional) fence!

For more details about the artwork, please visit this page.

Below are additional pictures from WaterParkCity: