Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Condo Sales: The Past 30 Days at One Park Tower

This week, let’s head west to Mississauga’s City Centre for a look at Daniels Corporation’s One Park Tower.

Completed in Summer 2008, One Park Tower’s classically-inspired gothic façade features soaring arches and gargoyle accents. The development embraces an active lifestyle, neighbouring Mississauga City Centre’s popular Square One Shopping Centre along with a wide variety of other dining, entertainment and sports venues.

In the past 30 days, a total of eight units have sold at One Park Tower with prices ranging from $222,000 for a 1-BR suite to $312,000 for a 2+Den unit of 565 to 961 sq ft, respectively. Five units were also leased over the past month, from $1,425 for a 1+Den to $1,700 for a 2+Den.

Of these units, those for sale spent on average 28 days on the market while those for lease spent on average 6 days.

If you’re wondering how property values have held up over the past couple years, a 1+Den that sold in March 2009 resold earlier this year for $40,000 more than it did a year prior, while a 1-BR unit that sold in December 2008 resold this past summer for $13,000 more than it did almost two years ago.

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