Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Traveling Condo Model?

What's that, you might ask?

SigNature Developments just launched the first "Traveling Condo Model", enabling real estate salespeople and brokers to showcase the TAO Condo model to potential buyers - anytime, anyplace.
Tao's innovative traveling condo model:  from this... this!

Buyers can now also obtain a more detailed visual of the property off-site!

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Through the use of an iPhone app and a quick scan of QR codes, potential buyers can explore a 3D model of the suite, lobby and gardens without physically being inside a sales centre.  Now that's what we call convenience - bringing the showroom directly to you!

Buyers can now scan a QR code to explore Tao's 3D models

TAO Condominiums is located near Hwy 407 and Bayview Ave in Richmond Hill.  It will rise seven storeys, featuring expansive terraces on both the north and south sides.  With the guidance of Feng Shui master Paul Ng, the building has been designed to ensure that all elements are in harmony, promoting a sense of well-being and peacefulness.