Thursday, March 18, 2010

Update From Sales Centre Visit: Thompson Residences Grand Opening

As promised, here's our update from the long-awaited Grand Opening of the Thompson Residences!

We arrived around 3:30 PM, and a modest lineup had already formed while finishing touches were being put on the presentation centre.  The sales office itself looked sophisticated and modern with its sleek black mirrored glass facade.  They managed to put this up fairly quickly - a tent sat in its place just days earlier!

By 4 PM, the lineup had sprawled way past the roped area.  A camera crew was on-site to capture footage of the event, while friendly salespeople greeted the crowd, passing out wristbands (actually, coloured tags) and sales packages.  Many buyers were with agents, while others appeared to have ventured out alone.

Doors opened shortly after 4, and the sales office was buzzing with excitement.  Many units were already sold (the sales board looked like a sea of red dots!) and it seemed that every salesperson on the floor was fully occupied with buyers. 

Peter Freed himself made an appearance at the event, which, based on our observation, was highly successful.  Official pricing and other updated project information can be found here.

Congratulations on another amazing project, Freed Developments!